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Have You Been Served With Divorce Papers?

Continued from: Have You Been Served With Divorce Papers?

Once you've filed your answer, your first court appearance will be at a "case conference." Although held at court, and presided over by a judge, the case conference is not an adversarial proceeding. It is more like a judge-led mediation. The judge will not make an order unless both parties agree or unless the order is procedural.

If the case conference does not settle matters, and there is a need for immediate relief, such as immediate child custody, child support, spousal support or a decision on who will remain in the matrimonial home, a "motion" will be scheduled. At the motion, a judge will decide the issue, based on your and your spouse's "affidavits" (sworn testimony in writing) and the arguments of your divorce lawyers.

The Need for Professional Guidance
As you can see, during each step of a divorce there are many questions to be answered…not to mention complex court papers to be filed and documents to be compiled. Few people are prepared for or experienced in the intricacies of divorce.

As well, family law is a very specialized field of law - most lawyers are not experienced in divorce law. An established professional who has both a wide overview of the family law system as well as detailed knowledge of the laws specific to your province is an important asset in even the most amicable divorce.

Our practice is devoted exclusively to family law. Because of this, we can offer you the professional guidance you need.

We’re On Your Side
We’re experienced representing clients of both sexes and in protecting the legal rights and needs of young children. We’re tough advocates for our clients in negotiating and litigating the contested issues of child support, child custody and access, spousal support and the division of property.

We believe that good communication reduces anxiety and will help bring your case to a successful resolution as quickly as possible. More importantly -- you can get answers as quickly as you need from us. Because as you've learned above --

If you've been "served"…you need to act NOW.
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