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Separation Agreement Ontario

Legal Separation Agreements don't have to cost a fortune!

I'm an experienced divorce and family law lawyer serving clients across Ontario. If you need a legal separation agreement in accordance with Ontario law,

I can save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees.

Many family law firms in Canada charge $1200 (and more!) to draft a separation agreement. I charge clients that amount, too. At other firms, however, it doesn't matter if the separation is friendly or acrimonious, simple or extremely complicated, quick or slow as molasses. A "one size fits all" price is applied to everyone.

If you're thinking "There should be a better way," I agree. That's why I'm happy to offer you a professional

Legal Separation Agreement*
$600 (+GST)
No extras. No hidden fees. Nothing but the help you need.

(see below)

*includes a child support variation agreement.

What You Need, Not What You Don't
What do you need in your separation agreement? Provisions for parenting of your children? Provisions for child support or spousal support? A division of property?

Regardless of your unique situation, if you and your spouse have agreed to the details of your separation, I can prepare the same separation agreement I draft for all of my clients. But you won't pay $1200…you'll pay half that price.

Don't Play the Waiting Game. There's Too Much To Lose
Because of the high costs, people who are ready to separate often delay any action…and THAT can be disastrous. The longer you wait before you have a separation agreement, the more likely it is that one spouse will change his or her mind about something that's been agreed upon.

This Isn't the Time To Do-It-Yourself
In an effort to avoid the high costs of many Ontario family law firms, some people consider a do-it-yourself divorce guide. There are many of them out there. For $29.95, you get a set of sample separation agreements. "This book is all you need!" promise the ads.

But your divorce is one of the most important legal events in your life. Would you really feel comfortable putting your trust in a "generic" agreement from a book? Of course not!

For your separation agreement to serve you, it needs to be crafted FOR you. It needs to reflect your unique circumstances and your unique needs. You can't do that yourself, and no book with photocopies of separation agreements can either. That's where I come in. I'll use my experience and knowledge to help you create a legal document that is custom-tailored to your situation.

Are You A Doubting Thomas (or Thomasina)?
I don't blame you. It probably seems odd to you that I'd be willing to offer the same service for $600 that would normally cost $1,200. The truth is…I don't.

For my full fee, I provide comprehensive legal advice. I explain the agreement to my clients, discuss my client's legal rights and ensure that my clients have carefully considered all the important legal issues. To accomplish this, I make phone calls, answer emails, and meet with clients. I revise the agreement as much as the client requires.

In my experience, however, I've found that there are lots of people out there who have "done their homework": researched the law, reached an agreement with their spouse, and know exactly what they want in their separation agreement. The only thing that's standing in their way is putting their words into appropriate and acceptable legal terms. I'm happy to help them prepare their documents in a time-efficient and cost-efficient way.

A Win-Win Approach for Both of Us
For me, the advantages of the streamlined approach are numerous: I don't have to spend so much time on the phone or answering emails, and my schedule is much less hectic. For you -- it's the knowledge that you've tapped an experienced lawyer who will provide you with a professionally drafted legal separation agreement without charging you for time and effort that you don't need.

If you don't need meetings, telephone calls and emails, and if saving $600 is significant to you, then my professionally drafted legal separation agreement, is for you.

How It Works
Before you order your separation agreement, let's review the ground rules:

The fee is $600 + GST. You can pay by certified cheque, money order, or credit card.

You'll receive a form via email that will enable you to put down what you want to include in your separation agreement. You may return it by email, mail, or fax. You may add any amount of additional material you like.

Questions…and limited answers
My goal is to help you through this process, not sell you a product and leave you out in the cold with it. You may certainly email me with small questions about your separation agreement.

However, you must remember that this low-priced service is not for everyone. It's intended for people who have already worked out the details of their separation and simply need some guidance with the "legal-ese."

I am only drafting a separation agreement for you. Although I am a licensed lawyer, I am not entering into a lawyer-client relationship with you. I am not providing you with any legal advice as part of this service.

If you need legal advice or guidance, then I must ask you to pay my full fee ($1,200) for the preparation of your separation agreement.

Quick Return
Your separation agreement will be returned to you by email, complete, within a week.

Your separation doesn't have to be painful, stressful, or costly. It can be accomplished fairly and efficiently with the help of an accomplished professional. It would be my pleasure to help you.

We are only qualified to practice law in Ontario. So, you should only purchase this if both you and your spouse live in Ontario.
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