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Further Resources

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  2. Uncontested Divorce - Obtain an uncontested divorce or a separation agreement.
  3. Common Law Separation - Resource for common law couples
  4. French Site - French language family law web site.

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A Canadian divorce is a complex undertaking and what you don't know CAN hurt you. If you approach a divorce in Ontario incorrectly, without sufficient knowledge and with no plan, you may wind up paying dearly -- with time, money, and stress. More importantly, a lack of knowledge can result in less favourable decisions on support payments, time with your children, and other issues of vital importance to you.

14 Smart Ways To Protect Yourself gives you solid, practical advice in areas of Canadian divorce including:

Moving Out of the Matrimonial Home
Preparing Your Child Custody Case
Dealing with Joint Accounts and Joint Credit Cards
Hiring a Lawyer
Making An Inventory

14 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself is clear and concise, sharing information in an easy-to-understand way. Use it to determine what course of action you can take NOW to best protect you, your children, and your assets in the future.

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