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Ontario Divorces Procedure

Divorce Procedure
This article provides answers to your frequently asked questions about divorce procedure, including what is a separation agreement, how does the typical divorce process work, when you need to go to court, how to start court proceedings, what happens if you've been served with divorce papers, how the legal system works, what a motion is, how to get information from your spouse, and how to deal with a spouse who's hiding assets.

Steps in Negotiated Divorces
In a negotiated divorce in Canada, you and your spouse work together to deal with the issues involving your children and your finances that arise due to your relationship ending. If your negotiation is successful, it results in a separation agreement that is legally binding on you and your spouse. This article discusses the 5 steps in a negotiated divorce.

Steps in Litigated Divorces
If you and your spouse can’t agree on an issue arising out of the breakdown of your relationship, you’ll need to go to court - this is known as a “litigated divorce.” This article discusses the steps in a litigated divorce.

When you hear the word "discovery," you probably think of Columbus, Magellan, Ponce de Leon, and other great explorers. In divorce proceedings, discovery is a formalized process that allows the parties to "explore" information about each other’s cases.

Divorce mediation is where you and your spouse, together with a mediator, discuss the issues raised by your separation or divorce, such as child custody, support and property division, to reach a resolution of these issues. The divorce mediator is a neutral third party who helps you and your spouse work towards a reasonable solution. This artice answers your frequently asked questions about resolve your divorce through mediation.
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