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Child Custody - Sample Parenting Plan

Continued from Child Custody - Sample Parenting Plan


1. We consider it to be important to our children that we both are frequently present at their school events, extracurricular activities, and any meetings pertaining to either or both of our children, regardless of their regular schedule.

2. When one of our children is participating in an activity (for example, a soccer game), the residential parent that week will take the child to the activity, and, by mutual agreement, the other parent may have the option to spend one on one time with the non-participating child. The parents will make such arrangements together prior to talking with the children.

3. If the residential parent is unable to take the child to an extracurricular activity, then that parent will first ask the other parent if he or she is available to do so. If that parent is unable to do so, then the parent initiating the request is responsible for making appropriate arrangements.


4. We will communicate by log book and electronic mail. We will correspond in a respectful manner that addresses child-related issues only. The parent who is invited to respond will do so in a timely manner (even if the parent is simply responding saying she or he is unable to respond within the suggested timeline, and will get back to the other parent by a specific date.)

5. Information sent home with the children from school will be shared between the parents in a timely manner.


6. The parent planning to travel with the children will let the other parent know of the plans as soon as possible and request any documentation required, including a letter of permission. Requests to travel with the children will not be unreasonably withheld.


7. The parents will initiate the process to obtain the children's own passports once the parents have obtained the necessary documentation regarding their separation.


8. The children's passports, birth certificates, and social insurance cards will be kept in a safety deposit box . Both parents will have keys to the safety deposit box. We will inform the other parent when we will be accessing the documents.

9. The documents will be promptly returned to the safety deposit box following each use, and the other parent will be notified that they have been returned.


10. We both agree that it is very important to our children that they have easy and uninterrupted access to both parents through until their completion of high school.

11. However, in the event of unforseen circumstances which involve a relocation of either parent, we agree that we will discuss together, or attend mediation if either believes that would be helpful, to make any necessary changes to the Parenting Plan which are in the best interests if the children. The parent who is relocating will discuss the relocation at least 90 days in advance with the other parent.


12. We agree that if a dispute occurs about any of the terms of this Parenting Plan, or any other issue regarding the children, we will first make a reasonable attempt to resolve the dispute between ourselves, including seeking any professional consultation which may be appropriate.

13. In the event that we are unable to reach a consensus, after having made a reasonable attempt to resolve the issue(s), we will attend mediation within fifteen (15) days from the time that the parent initiating the mediation has informed the other parent in writing of this intent. (We realize that the timeline of 15 days may be minimally extended to accommodate the mediator's schedule.) The parents will share equally the cost of mediation.

14. However, should a decision be required on an urgent basis, then either parent may proceed with an application to a Court of competent jurisdiction to determine the matter in issue.


15. We each acknowledge that we have been advised to seek independent legal advice prior to signing this Parenting Plan; that we have read the Parenting Plan and understand our respective rights and responsibilities outlined herein; and that we are signing this Parenting Plan voluntarily.
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