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Child Custody - Sample Parenting Plan

Continued from Child Custody - Sample Parenting Plan


1. We agree that we will both be involved in all major decisions regarding our children's upbringing.

2. Major decisions include issues concerning our children's education, health, religion, day care, extracurricular activities, and their general welfare.

3. In the event of any disagreement between us regarding a major decision pertaining to either or both of our children, we agree to follow the dispute resolution process outlined below.


4. Minor day-to-day parenting decisions are made by each parent independently during their own parenting time as long as such decisions do not impact on the other parent's time with the children. When minor decisions do impact on the other parent's time with our children, then that parent will participate jointly in the decision-making.

REGULAR HEALTH/DENTAL CARE (including emotional, psychological, and physical)

5. The parent booking an appointment will inform the other parent in a timely manner. The parent who is caring for the children during the week that the appointment falls is responsible for taking the child/ren. She or he will inform the other parent of the results. Both parents are also welcome to attend.

6. Each parent is free to individually access the health care professionals treating the children.

7. The children's health cards and immunization records will travel with the children between the two homes.


8. Each parent will be responsible for providing emergency medical and dental care during their own parenting time. Each parent is to notify the other parent as soon as reasonably possible of any illness requiring medical attention, or any emergency involving our children.

9. The parents agree to leave with each other instructions on how they can be reached in case of emergency.

10. In urgent situations regarding our children at school, we will do the following:

a. If the non-residential parent (of the week) is contacted by the school regarding the need for one or both of our children to be picked up at school for any reason (for example, illness or a snowstorm), then that parent will try to contact the residential parent.

b. If the residential parent is contacted, then it is his or her responsibility to pick up the child at school and to care for the child.

c. However, if the residential parent cannot be contacted, then the non-residential parent will pick up the child at school, care for the child, and leave a message for the residential parent regarding the situation. Once the residential parent becomes aware of the situation, it is his or her responsibility to care for the child.

d. If the child is ill and is at the home of the non-residential parent's, then the residential parent, with input from the non-residential parent, with input from the non-residential parent, will make the decision regarding whether to have the child return to her or his home that day.

Continued at Child Custody - Sample Parenting Plan
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