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Child Custody - Sample Parenting Plan





We, Harold Jones and Wendy Jones, the parents of [NAME OF CHILD] (date of birth [DATE OF BIRTH]) and [NAME OF CHILD] (date of birth [DATE OF BIRTH]), make this Parenting Plan to help us meet our mutual responsibilities as parents and to further the welfare of our children. We are choosing to lessen the impact of our separation on our children by working together in a cooperative manner in our roles as parents.


1. We acknowledge that this Plan cannot reflect all future needs of our children or ourselves. We are therefore committed to the spirit reflected in this Parenting Plan and are open to being flexible and willing to discuss and resolve parenting issues as they arise.

2. We acknowledge that we have a mutually shared interest and responsibility, including shared decision making, for our children's upbringing. We believe that it is in the best interests of our children for both parents to be actively involved in their lives on a regular basis.


3. We will try always to stay calm and child-focussed when we discuss issues related to our children.

4. We will speak directly with each other regarding parenting matters, and will not put our children in the middle to carry messages.

5. We will make every effort not to argue in the presence of the children.

6. We will not speak critically about each other or about each other's parenting in front of our children. We will ask our family and friends to do this as well.

7. We will keep adult matters such as legal and financial issues firmly between us and away from our children.

8. We will not burden our children with such feelings as sadness, anger, and loneliness related to our separation.

9. We will respect the other parent's right to privacy regarding his/her personal life.

10. We will encourage our children to have the best relationship possible with the other parent, and will not ask them to choose between us.

11. We will give each other the benefit of the doubt.

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