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Further Resources

  1. Prenuptial Agreements - Marriage contract and cohabitation agreement information.
  2. Uncontested Divorce - Obtain an uncontested divorce or a separation agreement.
  3. Common Law Separation - Resource for common law couples
  4. French Site - French language family law web site.

Post-Divorce Issues

  • Divorce Recovery - This program will help you overcome your divorce and move on to a positive life. It will take you through the recovery process, and help you take charge of all the changes in your life.

  • Appeals - What is an appeal? What are the limitations on an appeal? Do I need permission to appeal? To which court do I appeal? What are the steps for an appeal?

  • Enforcing Divorce Orders - What to do is you're not paid child support, spousal support, or an equalization payment, or if you are denied access.

  • Wills - What's a will? What's a power of attorney? What's the effect of my separation or divorce on my will?

  • Changing Divorce Orders - When orders for child support, spousal support, custody and access can be changed.

  • Financial Disclosure - What you need to tell your spouse about your financial situation once your divorce is over.

  • Dating After Divorce - When can you start dating again?

  • Remarriage - Legal issues to consider if you are about to remarry.

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