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Stopping a Divorce

When things don't seem to be going right in a marriage our first inclination is to think of separating rather than what measures we can take in stopping a divorce from happening. However, the reality is that problems arise in every marriage no matter how solid the relationship. The difference between successful and unsuccessful marriages is often that in a successful relationship, when a problem arises, the couple tries to do whatever is necessary to resolve the problem rather than to throw in the towel.

When a couple separates, it is hard for either spouse to think of ways of stopping a divorce. Emotions are running high at that point and often it is very difficult for the couple to have a civilized conversation. Exacerbating the situation even further occurs when one partner actually says the "divorce" word. At that point, each party thinks that there is no hope left for saving the marriage.

One way of stopping a divorce is through marriage counseling. Even if the situation seems hopeless to the couple, examining their relatioship and what went wrong can often lead to reconciliation. Exploring the relationship and opening the lines of communication between both parties can be the single most valuable tool that a married couple has in saving the marriage. If both parties are willing to examine various aspects of their relationship, good and bad, they then have a good foundation for rebuilding the relationship.

Communication between spouses is the key to stopping a divorce. A key component of communication is listening - not just hearing what your spouse says, but really listening to what they have to say and how they truly feel. Whatever feelings each person has needs to be communicated to the other, honestly. You can't expect each other to know what the other is thinking. Neither of you is a mind reader. It needs to be spelled out in a clear manner, then discussed thoroughly.

Stopping a divorce takes hard work and dedication. However, it is possible that your relationship can be more loving and deeper if you do whatever is necessary to save your marriage. Who knows, your relationship just may turn out better than it ever was.

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