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Marriage and Divorce

Marriage is a legally binding contract between two people who want to make a life together and possibly have a family one day. Divorce, in contrast, is the breakup of the relationship. And yet, marriage and divorce have a lot in common.

Marriage and divorce share the common link of emotions. Emotions that can run very high or sink amazingly low like a fast roller coaster ride. One starts out with such hope and promise for a bright future, while the other is emotionally devastating.

Marriage and divorce are both big businesses commercially. It costs a great deal to have a decent wedding -- many thousands of dollars. When your relationship ends, negotiating or litigating the issues arising from your separation will cost just as much.

Adjustment is a key ingredient in marriage and divorce. Adjusting to living with someone within a relationship is never easy; nor is adjusting to living alone when the relationship ends.

Acceptance is also important to both marriage and divorce. When you first live together as a couple, it takes a great deal of acceptance of the other person's faults. This is natural because you are both very different people. Acceptance is just as important when the relationship ends. Each needs to accept each other's faults in order to work through the divorce process and negotiate a fair result.

The major difference between marriage and divorce is the type of interaction between the couple. When the relationship is beginning, the couple goes through various motions to try to impress the other. When the relationship is ending, the couple may do everything possible to make the other partner miserable.
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