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Are you trying to choose an Ottawa Divorce Lawyer?

Contrary to what many legal advisors state, you may not actually need an Ottawa divorce lawyer. In many cases, you can handle your case on your own. To determine whether this is appropriate for you, click here: Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer?

Even if you do need a lawyer to help you with your Ottawa divorce, you may only need limited legal help, while you do most of the work. This keeps your legal fees down, and keeps you in control of your case. To find out more about this possibility, click here: Coaching.

Or perhaps you and your spouse have already reached an agreement on all the issues regarding your divorce in Ottawa, and you simply want a lawyer to turn this into a proper legal agreement. This is known as a separation agreement. To find out more, click here: Separation Agreement.

If all you want is a divorce, this can also be done by a Ottawa lawyer (uncontested divorce) or on your own online.

If you do decide you need a legal help, there are hundreds of Ottawa divorce lawyers out there. It can be quite confusing to choose one. Here are some guidelines on how to choose.

The best way to start dealing with a Ottawa divorce lawyer is to book an initial consultation. During this consultation, you'll learn all about your rights and obligations arising out of the breakdown of your marriage. You'll get the information you need to start the process. You'll get answer to your questions. To find out more, click here: consultation.

If you want to know why we're the Ottawa divorce lawyers you should hire, click here: 27 Reasons to Hire Us.

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