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Hiring Help For Your Divorce

Book A Divorce Consultation
How we can help you with your questions and concerns about your marriage, your separation, your divorce, your children, your finances, and your future.

Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer?
You have the right to represent yourself in your divorce case. Representing yourself is a lot cheaper than hiring a lawyer. However, if you represent yourself, you may be giving up important rights. This article explains the circumstances in which you should hire a lawyer.

How To Choose A Divorce Lawyer
Hiring the right lawyer is one of the most important decisions you must make during your divorce. You do not want to hire the wrong lawyer, as it is difficult, time-consuming and expensive to change lawyers. This article gives you 9 important points to consider before you hire a divorce lawyer.

13 Ways to Use Our Family Law Services
There are many different ways we can help you with your divorce, from minimal help to full-service representation. This article goes through your options, including consultations, separation agreements, uncontested divorces, negotiation, mediation, litigation, coaching, independent legal advice, marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements.

Save Legal Fees with Divorce Coaching
We are now offering a brand-new way to handle your divorce - divorce coaching. By using coaching, you'll save legal fees and gain control over your divorce. This article explains what coaching is all about.

Uncontested Divorce
If you and your spouse have separated, you may want to get a divorce and move on with your life. This article explains what options you have to proceed.

Separation Agreement
If you and your spouse have resolved all the issues arising from the breakdown of your marriage, then you should put your understanding into a formal legal document known as a separation agreement. Here is what is involved and how we can help you.

Ontario Divorce Objectives
You won't get where you want to go, if you don't know where you're going. This checklist helps you establish your priorities about your divorce.
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