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Canadian Divorce Glossary

Words beginning with "L" If you're considering ending your marriage, learning to speak the "language" of divorce in Canada is an important first step. Below you will find a brief glossary of terms related to the separation process. These definitions are overviews, provided to help you begin to understand what is involved in ending a marriage.

Lawyer - A lawyer is someone who is licensed to practice the law, and is also known as a barrister or solicitor. But your lawyer is more than your legal advocate. He or she is also your advisor, counselor, and an "encyclopedia" of knowledge about divorce law. Because divorce is so stressful and because the outcome of a divorce proceeding will have a tremendous impact on your life, it is extremely important that you select a legal professional that has experience with the family law in your province and is someone with whom you feel you can work effectively.

Life Insurance - Normally, if you are required to pay child support or spousal support, you will also be required to have life insurance to secure this support. This is so that if you pass away before your child support or spousal support obligation ends, there is still money there to satisfy this obligation. Otherwise, your estate may have an obligation to support your children or your ex.

Lump Sum Spousal Support - Spousal support payments are generally made on a periodic (monthly) basis over a lengthy period of time. In some instances, however, the divorcing parties will agree on a single "lump sum" spousal support payment. The receiving spouse is paid a sum of money at one time. It is considered a only final payment of spousal support. Unlike periodic spousal support, lump sum spousal support is not taxed in the hands of the recipient nor is it tax deductible by the payor.

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