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Canadian Divorce Glossary

Words beginning with "C"
If you're considering ending your marriage, learning to speak the "language" of divorce in Canada is an important first step. Below you will find a brief glossary of terms related to the separation process. These definitions are overviews, provided to help you begin to understand what is involved in ending a marriage.

Canada Pension Plan - Canada Pension Plan credits that you have accumulated during the marriage are divisible during a divorce. No matter what you and your spouse agree, you can't contract out of this. This is dealt with separately from other property.

Case Conference - This is normally the first court appearance in a case. Only procedural orders and orders on consent can be made at a case conference. As well, this is a good opportunity to narrow the issues in your divorce case.

Case Law - A lot of family law is based on cases that have previously been decided - known as "case law." For instance, the statutes set out the factors that a court considers in determining the amount of spousal support. However, to get an idea about how much spousal support you may get in a particular case, you'd need to be familiar with the case law in this area.

Certificate of Divorce - This is a certificate issued by a court stating that your divorce is final and can no longer be appealed. This is the document normally required to prove that you are divorced.

Child Care Expenses - Expenses for child care are to be shared between parents in proportion to their incomes, after adjusting for any tax deductibility of the expenses.

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