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Canadian Divorce Glossary

Words beginning with "B"
If you're considering ending your marriage, learning to speak the "language" of divorce in Canada is an important first step. Below you will find a brief glossary of terms related to the separation process. These definitions are overviews, provided to help you begin to understand what is involved in ending a marriage.

Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy is sometimes a result of a divorce. Bankruptcy does not affect any child support or spousal support payments, nor does it affect arrears of child support or spousal support. However, it will affect the property division.

Barrister - Another word for a lawyer. Originally, a lawyer who did only court work.

Beneficiary - Normally in a divorce, if child support is payable, you'll need to obtain life insurance with your spouse being the beneficiary in trust for your children.

Business Valuator - Normally in a divorce, if you or your spouse owns a business, it will need to be valued. A business valuator is a trained professional who does this.

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