Foreign Divorce in Ontario

Recognition of foreign divorce decrees in Ontario

Question: I will be getting married in Ontario next spring and I was divorced abroad. To obtain a marriage license in Ontario, I must get a letter from an Ontario divorce lawyer stating that my divorce should be recognised in Ontario. Is this something you could do for me, and if so, what would be your fees?

Answer: Yes. The process is quite straightforward. You'd need to send me:

1. Your divorce order or decree.

2. A certified translation of your divorce order or decree, if it is not in English.

3. A copy of your marriage licence application.

4. A written statement about where you lived in the year prior to the divorce being granted (this can be 1 sentence, really).

Most American divorces are valid in Ontario, unless you had a somewhat unusual divorce, say in Nevada. Most divorces from Commonwealth countries are valid in Ontario as well.

I'd then write the appropriate opinion letter. I can normally do this within 2 business days of receiving your documents.

The fee is $300+hst Canadian. The easiest way to pay this is normally by credit card if you are not in Ottawa. This fee also includes sending the documents and opinion letter back to you by courier.

To get started, call me at 1-613-519-0320 and I'll be happy to discuss with you the circumstances of your foreign divorce, and whether it is recognized under Ontario law.

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