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Ontario Family Law Act Index

These are the most important sections of the Ontario Family Law Act:

Section 2(4) to 2(7) - This section deals with removing religious barriers to remarriage.

Section 33 - This provision of the Ontario Family Law Act allows the court to order child support and spousal support and sets out how to go about doing this.

Section 34 - This provision sets out the various powers of the court in ordering support.

Section 37 - This provision sets out how to apply for a change in the child support or spousal support you are receiving.

Section 31 - This provision of the Family Law Act in Ontario imposes an obligation on every parent to support their children.

Section 4(1) - This section defines "net family property," which is the basis for property division, and also sets out on the date for which property must be valued.

Section 4(2) - There are a number of assets that are not divided on separation, and this section lists these assets.

Section 5 - This section sets out how property is divided upon separation.

Section 5(6) - This section sets out the circumstances in which a court can divide property unequally.

Section 19 - This section gives both spouses an equal right to remain in the matrimonial home - that is, you can't kick your spouse out of the house.

Section 24 - This section sets out when a court can grant "exclusive possession of the matrimonial home" - in other words, under what (stringent) circumstances one spouse can be forced to leave the matrimonial home.

Section 54 - This is the section that allows separation agreements to be created.

Section 56(1) to (4) - This provision of the Ontario Family Law Act gives some of the legal limitations on negotiating domestic contracts.

Section 56(5) to (7) - Using the granting of a religious divorce as a bargaining chip is grounds for setting aside a domestic contract.

Thus, it prevents marriage contracts or cohabitation agreements from dealing with child custody issues. As well, this provision gives the court the power to set aside any separation agreements if they aren't in the children's best interests.
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