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  1. Prenuptial Agreements - Marriage contract and cohabitation agreement information.
  2. Uncontested Divorce - Obtain an uncontested divorce or a separation agreement.
  3. Common Law Separation - Resource for common law couples
  4. French Site - French language family law web site.

Divorce Info

Child Support
Will I pay or receive child support? How much? For how long? And more.

Child Custody
Will I get child custody? How often will I see my children? And more.

Spousal Support (Alimony)
Will I pay or receive spousal support? How much? For how long? And more.

Property Division
How is my property divided when I divorce? And more.

Divorce Costs and Timing
How long will my divorce take, and how much will it cost?

Divorce Procedure
How the family court system works and how your divorce proceeds.

Divorce Canada
How do I get a divorce? Where do I apply for a divorce? And more.

Divorce Mediation
What is divorce mediation? How successful is divorce mediation? And more.

What is an annulment, and on what grounds can I obtain one?

Joint Custody
What is joint custody? How do I get joint custody? And more.

Extramarital Affairs
What do people commit adultery? Does adultery always end in divorce? And more.

Paternity Testing
When will a court order paternity testing? And more.

Uncontested Divorce
Get a professionally done uncontested divorce in Ontario, Canada.

Separation Agreements
Get a professionally done separation agreement in Ontario, Canada.

Protect Yourself Before You File For Divorce
Get a free report on the steps you should take if you're about to divorce.

Divorce Bookstore
Find recommended books about divorce and related issues.

Separation and Divorce Glossary
Learn the legalese involved in your divorce. Understand what your lawyer is saying.

Post-Divorce Issues
Divorce Recovery. Appeals. Enforcing divorce orders. Wills. Changing divorce orders. And more.

What's a will? What's a power of attorney? And more.

7 legal issues you should consider for a second marriage.

Dating After Divorce
When you can start dating again. How to introduce your new relationship to your children. And more.

Exclusive Possession of the Home
Can I kick my spouse out of the house? When will a judge do this.

Family Law Articles
Articles on family courts, paternity testing, mediation, kidnapping, and pension.

Family Law Appeals
What is an appeal, and how does it work? Do I need permission to appeal?

6 Ways to Reduce your Income Taxes
6 ways by which you can reduce the income tax you must pay due to divorce.

Recognition of foreign divorce decrees
If you want to marry in Ontario, and were divorced abroad, read this.

7 Ways To Protect Your Assets Before Your Divorce

Protect Your Business
How To Protect Your Business Before Your Divorce

Valuation Date in Ontario
How to determine the date you separated. It's not just when someone moves out of the house.

Divorce and Gifts to Children
5 Ways to Protect Gifts to Your Children from their Divorce

The effect of bankruptcy on child support and spousal support

Business Issues
If you own a business, this section discusses various issues facting you.

Severing Divorce from Other Issues
How to get a divorce prior to resolving all the issues in your divorce case.

Have You Been Served?
Steps to take when you have been served with divorce papers.

Ways people manipulate income for child and spousal support purposes.

Divorce Statistics

Deciding on Divorce

Ontario Divorce Objectives

Legal Separation Canada

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