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Win Child Custody

Dear Loving Parent,

If you are going through a child custody case right now, I've got some bad news for you. Even if you are a loving and caring parent, you may not get custody of your child.

Unfortunately, in a contested child custody case, normally only one parent is awarded child custody. That parent may not be you. And this means that you are going to have less of a say in your children's lives, and less time with your children.

Not good news is it? But here's something you might be interested in: a book that sets out how many parents who, following certain strategies, against the odds, did manage to obtain child custody of their children, and even increase the amount of time they spent with their children.

This book is called "Win Your Child Custody War." It sets out:
  • A remarkable new no-nonsense method of understanding and running your child custody case.
  • Identify what the court would see as your problem behaviors and control them.
  • Determine who you can talk to and what you can safely tell them.
  • Learn about more than 70 of the most common panic situations. What they really mean and see how other parents handled them.
  • How to hire a great attorney, fire a bad one, and know if you can sue a dangerous one.
  • When, why and how to keep a contact log book.
  • Dealing with lies; theirs, yours and, the biggest lie of all.
  • When and how to use detectives and experts.
  • How to negotiate successfully.
  • Preparation for and examples of Home Study, Psychological Evaluations, Child Custody Assessments.
  • When and how to cross-examine someone to get the best results.
  • How much does a child custody case cost and when is it spent.
  • Ways to make your child kidnap resistant.
  • Information a child should know if the opportunity to escape opens up.
  • More than 600 pages of the most valuable and current information available.

  • So, if you're ready to get serious about your child custody case, I strongly recommend that you order Win Your Custody War and find out how to win child custody and spend more time with your children.


    Behrendt Law Chambers

    P.S. Win Your Custody War is a great resource, and I regularly refer to it myself.

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    Bitter Child Custody Battles

    Behrendt Law Chambers has represented many parents in bitter child custody battles.

    Bitter Child Custody Dispute Over Infant
    A client came to Behrendt Law Chambers when his wife left home with their nine-month-old daughter. Communication between him and his wife had broken down completely. His wife wanted sole custody and was willing to let him see his daughter only three times per week, and then for only two to three hours per visit. We successfully won joint custody for his client and access with his daughter three full days per week.

    In another dispute, all communication between the parents of a 10 year old and 7 year old broke down. As well, the wife had charged Behrendt Law Chambers' client with assault. Despite this, We obtained joint custody for our client. As well, the mother wanted to move the children from a French-language school to an English-language school. We ensured that the children were able to continue in the same French-language school they had been in.
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