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Child Support Canada Introduction

A flood of emotions – including sadness, anger, depression, and resentment – is a part of the process of going through a divorce or separation that everyone goes through.  These feelings can make it difficult for two people to work out the issues arising from their separation, including child support.  When children become involved, the situation can create stresses that can seriously affect a child's wellbeing.

To address these difficulties, the Canadian government enacted federal Child Support Guidelines in 1997.  Canada's Child Support Guidelines are designed to provide adequate financial support for children, while at the same time reducing disputes between parents over child support that can damage parent-child relationships.

The Child Support Guidelines provide instructions for judges and lawyers on how to determine child support and what to include in a child support agreement or court order.  However, it can be difficult for people in the midst of the trying experience of separation or divorce to understand the Guidelines.

Many people in the process of negotiating a child support agreement have found themselves utterly bewildered by the wide variety of terms and conditions that are discussed in the guidelines.  Many of these people will end up paying more legal costs than they should, just to have their questions answered.

As well, other people will end up paying more child support than they should, or receiving less child support than they should.  The reason for both scenarios is that in most cases, the involved parties do not know have a proper understanding of child support in Canada.

With these difficulties in mind, on our website we have tried to answer the questions most frequently asked of us by our clients about child support.  Along the way, we also address specialized issues such as step-parenting, support for “adult children” (children older than the age of majority), and the way in which income is determined for calculating child support payments.

Additionally, we address how and why you have to pay child support, as well as discuss the agencies that are responsible for making sure child support is kept up to date.

When you are going through a separation and child support battle, I know you are not always thinking and feeling as well as you could be, and that this is a complex area of law.  We have written this website to help you through this difficult time in your life.

Our website tries to help you understand Canada's child support system and answer all your important questions.  Our goal is to educate you about every aspect of the child support laws for you and your family’s protection and wellbeing.

Knowledge is power.  We are confident that after reading the book that you will feel empowered.  Now you can understand the child support system without having to read complicated legal jargon.  We have done the hard work for you so that you can move forward with your life while ensuring that your children are taken care of.
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