Children's Law Reform Act

Section 10 - Blood Tests
(1) Upon the application of a party in a civil proceeding in which the court is called upon to determine the parentage of a child, the court may give the party leave to obtain blood tests of such persons as are named in the order granting leave and to submit the results in evidence.

[Note that this means that granting an order requiring paternity testing is in a judge's discretion. It is not mandatory.]

(2) Leave under subsection (1) may be given subject to such terms and conditions as the court thinks proper.

(3) Where leave is given under subsection (1) and a person named therein refuses to submit to the blood test, the court may draw such inferences as it thinks appropriate.

[Note that this means that if you refuse to comply with a court order requiring paternity testing, the court will generally assume what is worst for you - normally that you are the child's father.]

(4) The Health Care Consent Act, 1996 applies to the blood test as if it were a treatment under that Act.

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