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Child Custody in Canada

Please choose from one of the following articles about child custody in Canada:

  • Answers to FAQs
    This page answers your frequently asked questions.

  • More FAQs
    More answers to your frequently asked questions.

  • At what age can a child choose custody?
    This page looks at the importance of a child's wishes on the determination of custody.

  • Who is the primary parent?
    This page looks at the factors a court considers in determining who was the primary parent during the marriage.

  • How is Child Custody Decided?
    This page looks at the factors a court considers.

  • Win Child Custody
    Information about a leading book on the subject.

  • Arranging Access
    Tips for arranging visitation.

  • Assessments
    Answers to your questions about assessments.

  • Preparing for a Child Custody Assessment
    Make sure that you are properly prepared for this important part of your custody dispute.

  • Children's Law Reform Act section 30
    Statute allowing child custody assessments in Ontario.

  • Parenting Coordination
    Parenting coordination is a helpful method of dealing with high conflict child custody situations.

  • Moving Away With Your Children
    Answers to your frequently asked questions about moving away with your children after you separate.

  • Bjornson v Creighton
    A leading case about moving away with your children after you separate.

  • Children's Law Reform Act section 20
    Ontario's statutory provisions about child custody and access.

  • Best Interests of the Child
    How a court determines what's in a child's best interests.

  • Divorce Act section 16
    What the Divorce Act says about child custody (applicable across Canada).

  • Contempt of Court for Denial of Access
    Finding a parent in contempt of court for denying an access visit.

  • Parallel Parenting
    A new and increasingly important form of joint child custody.

  • Paternity Testing
    Answers to your frequently asked questions about paternity testing.

  • More on Paternity Testing
    Information about paternity testing.

  • Children's Law Reform Act section 10
    The statutory authority for paternity testing in Ontario.

  • Child Custody in Canada Help
    How to make your child custody situation benefit your child.

  • International Parental Kidnapping
    An article about international parental kidnapping.

  • More about International Parental Kidnapping
    Information about international parental kidnapping.

  • Sample Parenting Plan
    Example of a parenting plan where there is shared custody and a great deal of cooperation between the parents.

  • The Parenting Plan Template and E-Course
    Develop your own parenting plan to help your children.

  • Children's Adjustment to Divorce
    Educate yourself as to the effects of divorce on children.

  • Visitation
    12 Ways to Make Visitation Easier on Children.

  • The Law on Assessments
    When can an assessment be ordered?

  • Books
    This pages list books you can buy about child custody in Canada.
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