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  1. Prenuptial Agreements - Marriage contract and cohabitation agreement information.
  2. Uncontested Divorce - Obtain an uncontested divorce or a separation agreement.
  3. Common Law Separation - Resource for common law couples
  4. French Site - French language family law web site.

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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
Are you fearful of making decisions? Of asking your boss for a raise? Leaving an unsatisfactory relationship? Of facing the future? Whatever your fear, here is your chance to push through it. The author inspires us with many dynamic techniques and profound concepts that have helped a multitude of people grab hold of their fears and move forward with their lives. This book will teach you what we are afraid of and why; how to move from "victim" to "creator"; the secret of making "no lose" decisions; the vital 10-step process that helps you outtalk the negative 'chatterbox' in your brain; how to create a much more meaningful life; and much more! With understanding and humour, the author shows you how to become powerful in the face of your fears - and enjoy the elation of living a creative, joyous, loving life.

The Power Principle: Influence with Honor
In the life-changing tradition of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this book teaches the core principles that dramatically affect our careers and our lives. The author shows how principle-centred power is the ability to influence others' behaviour, not to control, change, or manipulate it. Power is something other people feel in your presence because of what you are as well as what you do, what you stand for, and how you live your life. When you honour others, they will honour you. The authoer shows you how to overcome powerlessness, create legitimate power and influence with honour, and create a legacy that will outlast you in the lives of the people you care about the most.

Doctor's Guide to Instant Stress Relief
This book offers a practical, specific, easy-to-use program that offers instant relief from physical, mental, and situational stress. Very helpful for dealing with the stress of divorce.
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