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Save The Marriage
In this ebook, you will find the lessons and information from nearly a decade and a half of marriage counseling. It includes the theory, exercises, and examples of how other couples have been transformed. This ebook provides you with the information you need to transform your relationship. You won’t find a lot of “fluff” in this ebook. You don’t have the time for that. Instead, you will discover the secrets of not only saving your marriage, but having the relationship of your dreams!

Divorce Busting
In this ground-breaking book, the author gives straightforward, effective advice on how couples can stay together instead of coming apart. Using case histories to illustrate her marriage-enriching, divorce-preventing techniques, which can be used even if only one partner participates, the author shows readers how to leave the past behind and set attainable goals, strategies for identifying problem-solving behaviour that works -- and how to make changes last, and "Uncommon-sense" methods for breaking unproductive patterns.
Should We Stay Together?
The fact is, some couples need more time to mature, some need to work through specific issues, and some should never be together. But how do you know? What factors add up to success -- or failure -- in a relationship? This author knows; in fact, he knows a lot about what predicts a happy marriage. Based on the author's twenty-plus years of research and experience in marriage and family therapy, this book debunks many time-honoured myths as it provides couples with the tools they need to make better decisions and thoroughly explore every aspect of their relationship. From individual characteristics, idiosyncratic family histories, unresolved conflicts and needs, and combined strengths and weaknesses, this step-by-step scientific method for relationship evaluation -- based on the highly accurate RELATE premarital assessment questionnaire -- will help couples understand the specific traits that predict a satisfying -- or disastrous relationship.

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