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Men Get To Leave
The focus of the Guide is on opening your eyes to what's really going on in your divorce, how to handle it, cover yourself as well and ultimately, survive the ordeal.

Throughout, you'll find the Guide to be as faithful, useful and handy as a Swiss Army Knife.

The Guide was written as a "non-violent" guerrilla warefare tactical reference for fathers rights in Canada, to help you maximize the little good that comes from a divorce settlement, survive the ordeal and, if you have children, to insure that they mentally survive the turnoil throughout and especially, after the divorce.

Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths
One by one this book demolishes the myths that have plagued divorced families. A fact-based, scientific, even-handed analysis by a leading authority on fathers rights in Canada that should be read by every parent, professional, and policy maker concerned with maximising childrens' and parents' adjustment to divorce.

Father's Rights
Millions of fathers in Canada are currently in the fight for their lives: the fight for custody of their children. Many wonder if they will ever again be an important part of their childrens' lives. With this landmark book, a renowned men's rights lawyer leads fathers through every twist and turn of the legal system, offering meaningful advice meant to save years of anguish and possibly thousands of dollars.

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