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  2. Uncontested Divorce - Obtain an uncontested divorce or a separation agreement.
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Ontario Family Law Articles

Unified Family Courts
Family law is very different from other types of law. Find out how Unified Family Courts deal with the peculiarities of family law.

Same Sex Marriage
This article is about the new family laws regarding gay and lesbian marriage.

FAQs about Same Sex Relationships
This article answers your frequently asked questions about same sex marriage and divorce.

Paternity Testing
This article is about the controversial and expanding field of paternity testing.

Divorce Mediation
How mediation can reduce the pain and expense of your divorce.

International Parental Kidnapping
What can be done when a parent kidnaps a child to a foreign country? This article explains the situation, and discusses how the Hague Convention can help you and your children.

Pension Division on Divorce and Double Dipping
How dividing your pension when you divorce affects the amount of alimony you may be required to pay.

Divorce Threats
3 divorce threats - and why you should not worry about them.

More Divorce Threats
With the pressure, stress and anger that is felt during a divorce, you may hear your spouse say things you never thought they would.

Income Taxes and Canadian Family Law
Answers to your frequently asked questions about the income tax consequences of divorce.

Answers to your frequently asked questions about alimony and spousal support.

Separation Agreements
Three reasons to consider a separation agreement.

Divorce Myths
Several common Canadian divorce myths debunked.

Moving Your Children After Separation
Under the Canadian child custody laws, can you and should you move your children after you separate?

4 Ways To Avoid A Messy Divorce
Although all divorces are painful, there are steps you can take to make your divorce more civilized.

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